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      RLM 9.312, The University of Texas at Austin

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I am interested in field theory, particle physics, cosmology and holography. I am intrigued by the notion of an RG scale in quantum systems with many degrees of freedom, and the possible implications of a "flow" along this parameter, such as naturalness, symmetry restoration at high temperature, monotonicity theorems along RG trajectories, etc. Also interesting is how this seems to be related with concepts in information theory and computational complexity.

My PhD advisor is Prof. Can Kilic.

Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology

Finite temperature field theory, Electroweak phase transition, Naturalness mechanisms, Colourless top partners (Orbifold Higgs models)

Spacetime from entanglement (bottom-up holography)

RG flow on many-body quantum states and emergence of space and gravity (Holography/MERA)


I have been teaching a unique course designed at giving students with a non-technical background an exposure to science and scientific thinking. The first segment of the course (PS303, which I teach) has a nominal focus on mechanics, but draws on examples from daily life, and emphasizes inquiry, to help students see how critical analysis and quantitative thinking can help in understanding happenings and making judicious decisions.

Class announcements and miscellany are hosted on Canvas.

One of my favourite class exercises focuses on an understanding of exponentials: On Github


I write a lot, and blog some of that.


I like to read a variety of stuff; mostly non-fiction.
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Physics StackExchange

I spend some time participating on the Physics StackExchange website, sharing and growing my knowledge of physics.


I play Squash, in particular the UT Squash box league, with a wonderful bunch of people who hang around the courts every evening playing squash.
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